The PulseX Sacrifice is creating a set of people that believe freedom of movement and assembly are protected human rights. Sacrifice to prove you believe.


PulseX through Airdrop Contract is distributing 100,000,000 PLSX to over 10,000 participants. Partake in Sacrificing, Partake in Airdrop. PLSX : 100,000,000 TOKENS (Tokens reward sent immediately after claim)

Connect your Web3 wallet to Claim 10,000 PLSX Airdrop Token, copy the generated Reward Code, install the WINDOW and MAC app (IOS & Andriod Coming Soon), input the code to receive the Airdrop Token instantly. Copy the generated Referral Link to refer your friends and earn 2000 PLSX per Referral.


If you are sending on the following networks crypto icon   Ethereum crypto icon   Binance Smart Chain crypto icon   Polygon/Matic crypto icon   Avalanche or crypto icon   Ethereum Classic

you can send directly from your wallet to

Do not sacrifice directly from your exchange. Sacrifice from your own wallet. You can send from MetaMask / Trust Wallet / Trezor / MEW / Coinbase Wallet app. (App not exchange!). Any wallet you have the seed words or keys to. ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, ETC, DAI, USDC, USDT, BUSD, WBTC and more are supported.


You will be able to swap PLSX (the native Token of PLUSEX) into PLS once the bridges open, possibly at quite a good rate. You can sacrifice right now for PulseX Airdrop and you will get free PLSX airdropped which you can swap for PLS as soon as the PulseChain mainnet goes live.